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1st Byte places order for B2 Landa and HP Indigo 7600

London-based 1st Byte has signed up for a B2 Landa digital press 12 years after ordering the then-Indigo equivalent.

RR Donnelley lauds 'powerful' technology partnership with KBA

RR Donnelley president and chief executive Thomas Quinlan lauded the partnership between the print giant and KBA, which has produced a fully fledged inkjet web press in a little over a year.

Topcut Bullmer launches "world first" cutting platform

German manufacturer Topcut Bullmer has unveiled its new Premiumcut ELC plotter cutting machine, said to be the world's first 5.2m-wide cutter.

Nanography to challenge offset, says Landa

Benny Landa aims to take on offset by making his Nanography digital printing technology as ubiquitous as xerography.

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