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Me & my: Brausse Forza 900 C3

Glossop Cartons is a 37-year-old carton printing and conversion company based in Reddish, a suburb of Stockport.

Me & my: KAS Paper Systems Kasfold 640 bookletmaker

Multitasking is good, but doing two things at once has its drawbacks. Take Foremost Magnets. The company bills itself the UK’s only specialist manufacturer of promotional fridge magnets, but also runs a print service and it was the latter that was skewing the work balance.

Me & my: Duran Omega Magnus 230

At the beginning, Corrugated Case Company chose not to specialise, so it could produce the widest possible portfolio of jobs and hone its customer service.

Me & my: MBO K8 RS

Investing in a new press can often put the cat among the pigeons in a printer’s finishing department. With significant additional printing capacity often available after such a purchase, there is inevitably an instant knock-on effect down the production line.

Me & my: Brandtjen & Kluge Omnifold 3000

Packaids is a print finishing company with a difference: it almost exclusively works with glue in some form or another on every job.

Me & my: Kama ProFold 74

Versatility was the key to Finishing Solutions Liverpool’s decision to buy the UK’s first Kama ProFold 74 folder-gluer earlier this year.

Me & my: Horizon SPF/FC-200A bookletmaker

Swindon. Home to the infamous 'magic roundabout', a baffling experience for the casual visitor to the town.

Me & my: Heidelberg Diana X 80

Taking a box full of folding carton templates and taking out and replacing each one individually to inspect it with a magnifying glass, might not sound like a very arduous task. Multiply this by 30m cartons a year, however, and it starts to look a little daunting.

Me & my... Heidelberg Diana X 115 folder-gluer

If you want to sell a new machine to Vince Breary, operations director at Aylesford-based Offset Print and Packaging, a slick demo in the showroom followed by some triangle sandwiches isn't really going to cut it.

Me & my... MBO K800 folder

Imagine lugging around a total of seven or eight tonnes of paper every shift at work. While not something the average office worker, cosily sat at their screen with a mug of coffee and digestive in hand, could ever contemplate having the stamina for, this, as many printers know, is the exhausting reality for many pressroom employees. And this is exactly what the staff working 12-hour shifts in East Sussex-based printer Pureprint's finishing department were doing this time last year.

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