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Make a real impact, put some poo in your paper

A client rings you up and asks whether you can offer them something different, a little twist that will make their latest marketing campaign stand out. You pause briefly, and then you reply: “How about some giraffe poo paper?”

Going viral: using video to highlight your star quality

Dogs chasing deer, David after the dentist and sneezing baby pandas – it doesn’t take a digital genius to realise online video is now (with the latter alone garnering over 190m hits) just a bit popular.

‘I’d rather have been flying jet bombers’

Gary Arber isn’t what you would probably describe as our typical interview subject. He hasn’t bought a new press since the 1950s and you would probably struggle to get him to admit he’s passionate about the industry. But while his head might be in the clouds flying jet bombers, his heart, or at least a fair chunk of it, is very clearly in print.

Star product: Screen Truepress Jet W3200UV

New high-end UV flatbed benefits from white ink option.

Perfect bindings: love across the industry

Eyes meeting over five-colour presses, late nights spent discussing the finer points of colour calibration – who knew print could be such an aphrodisiac? And yet plenty of folk in print seem to have met their other halves on the job. Or are somehow managing the incredible feat of staying besotted with them despite the stresses of running a business together.

Business inspection: Top the class in building relationships

Offering a one-stop service for schools has helped Artisan Print Solutions printer build a healthy revenue stream.

Brands benefit from quality content and print’s power

When customer magazines (or contract publishing titles as they’re sometimes known) first appeared in the 1980s they were rather bland tomes. Editorial standards were poor to non-existent and these magazines so overtly championed the brand owner’s products and services that many customers just cast them straight into the bin.

Helping staff play a healthy game of life

With colds and flu, not to mention post-Christmas hangovers, so prevalent in January, there are few times quite so likely to remind printers of the havoc that absenteeism can play with a workforce.

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