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Apply an aptitude for apps

Ethan Nicholas built one and it earned him $600,000 in a single month. Steve Demeter built one and he netted $250,000 profit in two months. Nicholas did it with a small military tank. Demeter did it with some floating triangles. Both did it on the iPhone. Clearly, the business of building applications, or 'apps', for Apple's game-changing smart phone handset can be a nice little earner.

Taking the tablets

In 2010, print is a 24/7 industry. This makes anytime, anywhere availability of information vitally important. But until the 1980s and the advent of management information systems (MIS), it was virtually impossible to achieve this.

Digital outclasses the old masters

In 2009, the publication Monet won the Financial Times' Exhibition Catalogue of the Year award. Produced by Hurtwood Press, it was praised for its "sheer visual beauty, exceptional quality of reproduction [and] elegant design".

Big Interview: FT chief executive John Ridding talks to PrintWeek

Chief executive of the Financial Times John Ridding talks to Jon Severs about the printed newspaper and its future in the face of the threat from online

Natural selection

The common preconception about the printed newspaper is that it's on the verge of extinction - as the evolution of digital media rolls on, the humble newspaper is going the way of the dinosaurs. But while it is true that printed newspaper volumes are down and that online newspapers are increasingly popular, this is not the whole story.

The death of the salesman?

It came out of nowhere. Nestled deep among comments on, on a story about yet another printer closing, Gavin Wells, managing director of Foxprint, just came out and said it. Without ceremony or warning, he proclaimed the end of sales as we know it.

PrintWeek Finishing Report 2010

It finally appears that finishing is close to dropping its 'Cinderella sector' moniker, something keenly illustrated by the fact that 700 printers completed this year's survey - almost twice as many as last year. Read on for more in our exclusive Finishing Report 2010.

Just don't say the 'D' word

Digital print is the future and litho has had its day." If there was ever a statement likely to provoke a fight among readers of this magazine, that would surely be high on the list.

Averting disaster

On an industrial estate in Northampton sits one of the UK's most state-of-the-art printing businesses. The company boasts a purpose-built, secure factory encompassing 1,900sqm that's packed to the rafters with the latest kit from manufacturers including Oc, Xerox and IBM.

Testing on trial

Before putting new kit on the market, manufacturers need printers willing to help them make the best of their latest developments, but does it pay to take the test? Simon Creasey finds out

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