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Hollanders ramps up production to keep up with demand

Hollanders Printing Systems has ramped up production of its Fespa Digital-launched ColorBooster CB250 textile printer after it received an “an unprecedented number of orders” for the entry-level modular machine.

Kodak predicts processless plate 'shift'

Kodak believes the adoption of processless plates is reaching a tipping point akin to that experienced with the adoption of CTP – and is citing potential savings for users running into tens of thousands of pounds.

Komori and Technotrans to partner at Ipex

The new Technotrans circulator will be showcased with Komori’s Lithrone GL 540 press with H-UV curing technology, at the show.

Solar Inks launches Earthinks 'natural' flexo and screen inks

Solar Inks has launched a range of water-based flexographic and screen printing 'Earthinks' that replace up to 80% of the petroleum-based synthetics and mineral oils found in standard inks with natural materials.

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