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The UK will never be the same again, whatever the outcome

This Thursday, some 4m Scottish residents will head to the polling booths to answer a simple yes or no question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

Does progress mean it’s time to allow APP in from the cold?

Just over a year on from Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) announcement of the implementation of its forest conservation policy (FCP), which centres on a moratorium on all natural forest clearance activities in Indonesia, organisations that had previously turned their backs on the company are starting to take notice.

Print industry takes a stand against tobacco packaging legislation

Lobbying has postponed a consultation on proposals to introduce plain tobacco packaging. Printers say it's essential to keep fighting to save jobs

Vocal opposition likely to scupper most of Beecroft's ideas

The report on employment law produced by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft for the government last week has polarised opinion and, due to the ensuing furore, its proposals are unlikely to be adopted wholesale any time soon. However, the government may attempt to implement some of the proposals independently, with many people suggesting that 'compensated no-fault dismissal' is a likely option.

Will the Children and Families Bill cost jobs in printing?

The Queen's Speech last week confirmed that the Children and Families Bill would be the latest legislation to attempt to make parental leave more flexible - most notably giving fathers increased rights to share leave with mothers.

PrintCity shows survival instinct in face of member's woes

The bonds of the PrintCity Alliance have been creaking of late. The insolvency of one its founding members at the end of last year - six months from Drupa - could not have come at a worse time. Manroland's administration resurrected questions over PrintCity's role in a world where Heidelberg has retrenched to its core technology, sheetfed offset. It also raised the question of what PrintCity might look like without Manroland, and whether such a slimmed-down organisation could survive?

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