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Applications with more personality

Personalised print to date has been about brands communicating with their customers as a way to increase the appreciation of, and spending with, the brand. It has been produced on behalf of a business that is trying to engage with a customer or prospect.

A digital lifeline for fine art print

Fine art printing is arguably prints finest art. It requires incredible attention to detail, an unparalleled eye for colour and an innate understanding of the subject matter.

Next-gen print kit summit

Having the right technology whether that is the heavy metal of printing and post-press, the beige boxes of pre-press and digital print or the servers to run MIS and web-to-print software is crucial for successful print firms. Picking the right technology...

New home sweet home

Moving home is one of the most stressful projects that most of us will ever undertake. First youve got to find a suitable location and then you go through the rigmarole of securing the property and paying the expensive associated legal fees and thats before you even start to consider mundane tasks like notifying people that youve moved, and beginning to unpack and decide where it all goes.

Putting prints power across

If you were to ask why there needs to be a campaign to promote print as an effective communications medium to the marketing and media buying worlds, youd be told by Beatrice Klose, secretary-general of Intergraf, the international confederation for printing and allied industries, that ultimately its all down to age.

Greener growth

Green up and clean up its the new business slogan doing the rounds, and in some sectors at least the message appears to be getting through. Major retailers such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Asda have all pledged multi-million-pound crusades to make their businesses greener throughout the supply chain, and where the big companies lead, the rest are sure to follow after all, these corporate behemoths wouldnt invest so heavily unless it was guaranteed to show a return on their bottom line.

Talking strategies for growth

In May, Printing World held a round-table event, bringing together ten leading industry lights to discussthe key factors necessary for successful business development. The round-table drew on the experience of a mix of people from different sectors, sizes of business, roles and at different stages of their own business development and career development to share their insights with each other and with us.

Touching the senses

When car manufacturer Volvo launched its new C30 model it wanted to create a marketing campaign that was memorable and impactful. The main thrust of the promotion would ask potential customers whether or not they loved or hated the car; customers would...

Prints place in the media mix

Youve probably received one; you may have even sent one. Theyre fairly innocuous items that can be opened and dismissed at the click of a button yet their arrival could signal the death knell for those printers who rely on communications work.

How to make the work flow

UK Print plc is a 15bn-plus business operated by 12,000 individual companies manned by about 160,000 employees. On the surface it would appear to be operating at an industry standard of around 80% in terms of equipment utilisation, running speeds and quality of output. The sobering reality, however, is that its actually closer to 50% of potential capacity, says Vision in Print (ViP) chief executive Richard Gray.

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