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Print is learning the tricks of the trade

It feels as though we’ve argued about Brexit until we’re all blue in the face.

A fragile truce binds printers and managers in partnership

Around a decade or so ago PrintWeek published its inaugural print management league table. The table ranked the UK’s 20 biggest print managers by turnover and was headed by corporate behemoths like Astron, which by then had already started to morph into a business process outsourcer, rather than a pure-play print management company.

Has print climbed back to the top of the media pile?

When television sets started to become ubiquitous in the aftermath of the Second World War people warned that they heralded the death knell for radio. When CDs were launched in the 1980s they were labelled “vinyl killers”.

Wish you were here... Why it pays to manage time off

The days are long, the schools closed. Summer is upon us. It’s the season of domestic and international getaways – time to unwind. Put your feet up and make the most of that well-earned downtime.

Helping staff play a healthy game of life

With colds and flu, not to mention post-Christmas hangovers, so prevalent in January, there are few times quite so likely to remind printers of the havoc that absenteeism can play with a workforce.

Smart kit for eco-friendly operations

Talk of becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient can conjure up somewhat daunting images for printers. Becoming the proud owner of swathes of solar panels or a rolling wind farm all sounds great in theory, but won’t be within everyone’s budgets.

Clearer contracts will oil the wheels for trade suppliers

Print outsourcing is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing - no one will admit to being partial to it, and yet levels of outsourcing, like ratings for Bruce and Tess, are tellingly high.

Can people really be taught the tricks of the sales trade?

It's 11am on a Friday morning, and I'm attempting to sell a suitcase. Have I fallen on particularly hard times as a hack and decided to write off all future holiday plans? Has PrintWeek decided it's time I earned my keep and learned the art of sales? No, and - touch wood - no.

Closing sales is not about performing hat tricks

"How many people spent an hour last week practising sales?" I am sat in an introductory session for training organisation Franklin's Covey's new sales course, and co-practice leader Craig Christensen's question has prompted a room full of blank expressions.

Innovation and service top list of customers' demands

Here's a riddle for you: what can look like molten metal, be applied to floors, and be written on and have magnets stuck to it? We'll give you a clue: not a digital billboard.

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