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Post Script: Bog-standard toilet paper scrubs up well

The doom-mongers may whinge about the industry going down the pan, but now you can find out how to create paper art on the toilet thanks to a handy guide to origami illustrated using the humble loo roll.

Hedge your bets: pin paper prices down

As paper price rises continue to wreak havoc in the industry, Helen Morris asks if negotiating a fixed price could pay off in the long term

Consumables with a conscience - a guide to environmentally friendly inks

While everyone may agree that environmentally friendly inks are the way forward, there is less consensus over exactly what these inks are, finds Philip Chadwick

Digital goes heavy metal

Despite the advances in digital print technology, metallic effects have proved difficult to reproduce. However, thanks to some clever inks, that may not be the case for much longer, says Barney Cox

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