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'All you high flyers, ignore the cliff edge at your peril'

Bob Jenkins suddenly realised his head felt hot. Unusually hot. "It was not," he says "the sort of feeling you get with a normal headache. It was like imagining a saucepan full of simmering water, with a broken egg in it. The egg was my brain."

Purchasing the best of both: a guide to M&As

Acquisitions have a murky reputation, as we have all seen too many pre-pack administrations to feel at ease with the subject. Do it well, though, and merging with another firm could be your best move yet

Why you must give qualifications the third degree: print training interrogated

The last UK university print course closed in 2012. Many argue that on-the-job training is now the only answer, but others say this is costly and takes too much time. So, could there be another way?

Food fuels a clear strategy for growth: Polyprint business inspection

Breaking into the food packaging market made tough demands on Polyprint, but it has revitalised the firm and helped ensure its survival

Print PR veteran Philip Paris publishes novel 'Men Cry Alone'

In 1984, Philip Paris, former director of print PR firm AD Communications, wrote a letter to the BBC with an idea for a drama about men who suffer domestic abuse from their wives.

Security printing faces ongoing battle against fraudsters

The wide availability of high-end printing kit over the internet is fuelling a rise in cheque crime - a trend that could threaten the sector's future

Rising to the top when it's sink or swim

Cambrian was badly hit by flood damage six months ago. Thanks to dedicated staff, the firm stayed afloat and is "very much above" water level

After 51 years and over 1,000 articles, Tribute bids farewell

Print has always been a challenging and changing sector - and Andy Tribute has seen it all. Now, he says, it's time to step down and take stock of all he's learned

Arjowiggins supports SOS Children's Villages for 'Do you believe in recycling?' campaign

Arjowiggins Graphic is supporting SOS Children's Villages charity as part of its latest Cyclus campaign entitled 'Do you believe in recycling?'

Northern Print steamrolls Newcastle skyline

Newcastle-based printmaking studio and gallery Northern Print gathered artists, local residents and children from the Inky Print Club to create a panoramic view from Newcastle's famous Swing Bridge to the Millennium Bridge.

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