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Star product: Perfect Bindery Solutions One-Line

A complete line for high-end book production in low volumes.

Star product: ISAG fastBook Professional

A high-speed system for digitally printed layflat book blocks for large-format photobooks and other items.

Star product: Domino K630i

A compact press for high-volume mono book production.

Star product: Morgana BM500

This modular bookletmaker has been designed to handle bigger booklets and thicker stocks than previous models.

Star product: KBA RotaJet 76

An all-digital press designed for standard uncoated papers.

Star product: Graph-Tech MonoCube

A compact and click charge-free high-speed book press

Star product - Smyth F1088 book sewing machine

Those needing to stitch really big books won't find many options available, but this machine should fit the bill

Star Product: On Demand Machinery Super Sticker

ODM's latest casing-in machine offers manufacturers of on-demand books an automated, easy-to-use and flexible solution

On Demand Books Espresso

The germ of the on-demand book publishing concept was first bandied around the world's major print exhibitions in the early 1990s - that was when Xerox's DocuTech began to punch above its weight as more than a simple high-volume photocopier. One of the applications mooted for the new DocuTech digital front-end was on-demand book printing - not just stitched marketing literature or simple spiral-bound manuals, but full-blown perfect-bound paperback books in runs as small as a single copy.

Muller Martini SigmaLine

In the UK, book printing is a troubled sector. One by one, the UK's premier book printers have seen their work drain away to China, India and the Middle East where labour is cheaper and quality is arguably comparable. Run lengths, as elsewhere in the industry, have also been eroded - the runs of 50,000-plus from two decades ago have typically become runs of 10,000 or less, and shorter runs have transformed into on-demand printing.

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