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Cross-media Company of the Year 2015: Cyan Group

Cyan Group supported SPMSD for a Flu Patient Support campaign with a difference: rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to printed materials such as posters, each surgery could choose and personalise their materials. An email went to each surgery supported by a paper mailing driving users online to choose their materials.

Customer Service Team of the Year 2015: Geoff Neal Group

Judges are exacting, and for this category they demanded no less than world-class customer service and exemplary performance – Geoff Neal Group at your service. Last year the company rolled out a training programme for customer-facing staff, including all management, to set rigorous service levels for all customer interactions.

Catalogue Printer of the Year 2015: Wyndeham Roche

Consistency sums up Wyndeham Roche, whether it’s the consistency of colour and folding accuracy paramount for the TTS Compendium, or the fine tuning and consistent running of presses to secure perfection for the Education Supplies and Workplace Supplies catalogues of 2015.

Magazine Printer of the Year 2015: Park Communications

Like last year, judges called for the best magazines from business and consumer markets. And like last year, Park Communications won the category outright with its trademark quality of print, finishing and repro.

Bespoke Digital Printer of the Year 2015: Screaming Colour

Screaming Colour is making a habit of this. Highly commended last year, winner in 2013, the creative production house in London romped home again in 2015. Judges for the category, aimed at short-run, high-value brochures and presentation packs, want good colour and innovative applications.

Industrial Digital Printer of the Year 2015: Gask & Hawley

Gask & Hawley prints and distributes more than 3.8 million bespoke leaflets every three weeks in various formats for one of its clients. The judges were looking for stunning examples of long-run targeted messaging where data handling and the number of variables are as critical as the quality of the printed product.

Label Printer of the Year 2015: Label Apeel

Award-winning label makers, according to judges, must “tick a number of boxes”. Label Apeel has done exactly that for the past three years to secure a hat-trick of category wins. Labels for King’s Siberian Sturgeon Fresh Caviar – like those for Mezan Single Distillery Rum or Hampstead Tea - had to prove best print and production values.

FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year 2015: The Sherwood Group

They are short in shelf-life and lower in unit cost, but FMCG goods make complex demands on the likes of Sherwood Group. Print for such goods calls for fast turnarounds and product consistency across long runs, but Sherwood knows all about this, having won the category last year.

Direct Mail Printer of the Year 2015: Geoff Neal Group

This was anything but junk mail. John Lewis tasked Geoff Neal to develop a concept for a joint promotion with Le Creuset for a new Cool Mint range. The mailing, to deliver a promotional magnet, involved a gift-style matchbox-type carton on 485 micron FBB to avoid cracking.

Social Stationery Printer of the Year 2015: Woodmansterne Publications

“Even we were surprised we could do it that well,” reads the category entry from Woodmansterne Publications, which may or may not suggest surprise from a company that seemingly came from nowhere to win this competitive category.

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