Wide-format Report 2013: Introduction

Welcome to the 2013 Wide-format report


There's no doubt that wide-format print, in all its many guises, has been relatively resilient against the tough economic climate.

The reasons behind this resilience are almost as varied as the sectors that utilise wide-format print as part of their marketing mix. In fact, it’s this broad range of applications that also make wide-format a massive area of interest for commercial printers looking to diversify their product offering into a field that offers a fairly modest barrier to entry.

To illustrate this point, we’ve dedicated three pages of this year’s report to entry-level systems, which offer wide-format newbies a great introduction to this growing market, as well as a similarly themed piece on the application du jour – textiles printing.

However, if wide-format digital is not quite a mature technology, it’s certainly well established, so for older hands we’ve got some great features on subjects ranging from the importance, or otherwise, of droplet size, the myriad substrate options and what customers really want, direct from the horse’s mouth.

We’ve also combined this year’s report with our Fespa 2013 show preview for the first time, because with the world’s leading wide-format show literally on your doorstep at the end of this month, well, it seemed silly not to.

I hope all these elements ensure that this year’s Wide-format report is a must-read for anyone interested in the sector – and if you’re not interested, it hopefully illustrates why you should be.

Fespa preview: Get a seat in business class as London show takes off
10 June 2013

Flight attendants at the entrance and then all manner of flight related-paraphernalia throughout the show. This year's Fespa, held at London's ExCel centre, seems determined to compensate those UK printers...

Fespa preview: stand-by-stand guide - pre-media & software
10 June 2013

PrintWeek's pick of the new wide-format on show at Fespa   Barbieri Electronic Stand N31N Barbieri will show for the first time Spectropad DOC, a new portable spectrophotometer for professional...

Fespa preview: stand-by-stand guide - presses
10 June 2013

PrintWeek's pick of the new wide-format products on show at Fespa   Adelco Stand F14N Adelco will show its new eight colour, 20-station Ellipse Oval screen print machine for the first time in...

Fespa preview: stand-by-stand guide - ancillaries
10 June 2013

PrintWeek's pick of the new wide-format products on show at Fespa Alplas Stand D65S POS accessory company Alplas will be focusing on its Printlock in-store graphic display for flagstick, header...

Fespa preview: stand-by-stand guide - post-press
10 June 2013

PrintWeek's pick of the new wide-format products on show at Fespa   Bickers Stand Q60S Bickers will exhibit its Gluejet machine, which works like a plotter, but instead of cutting, applies hotmelt...

Fespa preview: stand-by-stand guide - consumables
10 June 2013

PrintWeek's pick of the new wide-format products on show at Fespa   3A Composites Stand D30S 3A Composites will present new products including PET, highly transparent polyester sheets, high...

When quality counts size isn't everything
10 June 2013

No one could ever accuse printing equipment manufacturers of lacking ambition. Just when printers think their kit is absolutely the very latest thing and represents the pinnacle of speed, quality and user-friendliness,...

You'll need more than luck to get a magic material mix
10 June 2013

Pick a card, any card. Or, in the case of wide-format printing, pick a roll-up banner material, an external poster grade, an internal poster grade, a textile, a self-cling, a self-adhesive, a floor graphic,...

Innovation and service top list of customers' demands
10 June 2013

Here's a riddle for you: what can look like molten metal, be applied to floors, and be written on and have magnets stuck to it? We'll give you a clue: not a digital billboard. It is, of course, a...

How to stretch your cut of the material world
10 June 2013

It's the fastest growing print technology at the moment, but until recently if you wanted to produce dye-sublimation prints you had to splash out tens of thousands of pounds. However, over the past...

Big formats don't have to mean spending big bucks
10 June 2013

In the past commercial and wide format print businesses were very different animals. One happily dealt with those leaflets, brochures, flyers and smaller posters that would fit comfortably on their kit,...

Why consumers need to see the big picture
10 June 2013

When it comes to photography, the received wisdom is that consumers rarely think big. While they will happily create a photobook full of smaller images, the thought of picking one photograph to blow up...

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