Reduce your door-drop and insert print costs with Em de Jong

Craig Hall
Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Finding the most cost effective format can save a lot of money over a years’ printing.

As well as its head office in The Netherlands, Em de Jong operates six sites in Benelux and Germany
As well as its head office in The Netherlands, Em de Jong operates six sites in Benelux and Germany

For businesses regularly printing millions of newspaper inserts or door-drops, finding the most cost effective format is critical. Return on investment from the correct pagination, size, paper grade and all done under a weight restriction can be a challenge.

However, finding the right one for you takes one telephone call and our experts will assess your requirements and offer some price saving and impact boosting alternatives. A print MOT, if you will.

With 26 web offset printing presses ranging from an 8pp to 120pp machines, we run some of the most up to date printing technology available in Europe. This firepower enables us to offer a vast range of formats, so it’s no surprise Em De Jong is the market leading specialist in press finished printing and has been since 1906, making it a unique business.

What this means for you

  • Reduced spend for the same number of leaflets
  • Shorter lead time
  • A unique format in your marketplace
  • The most cost effective format, optimising the latest presses

Case study 1
Client A was printing a 16pp (8+8pp) 237x170/180mm 4 up on a 64pp press but did not want to change the format. Em de Jong is now printing the product 10 x up on a 96pp press.
Result 20% saving on print price & halved the print time

Case Study 2
Client B was printing a 16pp 215x215mm printing 4 up on a 48pp press – Em de Jong is now printing a 20pp format size 197x160mm 6 up on an 84pp press.
Result New look, higher pagination, 15% cost saving on print run but still the same number of copies produced.

The group specialises in press finished products

Power of choice
As a buyer of 250,000 tonnes of paper annually (and processing 415,000 tonnes) we can advise on the best grades for your product. Making up a third of the value of most of our productions, getting the right paper is crucial for your budget and your products reproduction. Let us show you some alternative grades with sample dummies so you can consider how your product could look, feel and communicate with your customers.

Reliability is our watchword
Reliable deliveries have continued into the UK from our Benelux sites. Since Brexit, full truck loads have continued to flow into the UK as normal, with no change in the lead-times required. Despatched today, delivery tomorrow.

Contact our UK office on 0121 630 3920 or via and let’s see what we can do for you.

For a look behind the scenes at Em de Jong, see our previous article on Printweek, which also includes a short video.


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