Customer satisfaction is the goal for 2022

Simon Isaacs, national sales director, Ricoh UK GCG
Monday, January 24, 2022

Ricoh UK’s Simon Isaacs believes every business is on a journey and has customers that it needs to better understand, if it is to have any hope of providing satisfaction and retaining their trade.

Ricoh: We will ask questions and listen
Ricoh: We will ask questions and listen

Such understanding and satisfaction do not happen by accident.

It comes from talking to customers, asking questions and listening to the answers, identifying market drivers, issues and challenges, and framing solutions to those issues and challenges that benefit the customer. More than ever, 2022 is going to be about exactly that: customer benefits, customer satisfaction and customer experience.

As a technology and services provider to the printing industry, as well as many other sectors, Ricoh urges its clients to take this approach forward into their dealings with their customers this year: to really get under the skin of their challenges and grasp the opportunities that emerge from this process.

Our commitment to printers in the UK is that this also is how we will approach our discussions with them going forward.

Through a strengthened team under strategy & services development manager Samantha Precious, we will be delivering a new framework on exploring opportunities for business growth, and for measuring the progress and levels of satisfaction that this delivers to our print customers.

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We are determined to bring best practice perspectives from across industry and the corporate world to our customers, giving them opportunities to find new ideas and fresh inspiration that can shape their journey towards business success. We will approach our customers with openness, and hope that they too will be receptive to the spirit of engagement that can burst through long-perceived constraints.

Our team will not walk through the door armed with preconceived ideas of the “right solution”, and a determination to impose that solution.

We will ask questions and listen. We will share best practice from across our varied customer base. We will encourage customers to seek formal “discovery” sessions that can unlock business value, or to visit us at our world-class UK Customer Experience Centre in Telford, newly opened, where integrated hardware and software, services and solutions, are presented in ways designed to shift paradigms of thought about what is possible in this industry.

Those that come to Telford will find it to be less a visit to a showroom, and more a chance to experience future business opportunities and elite manufacturing approaches.

The Customer Experience Centre’s purpose is to help customers to think in new ways, to sharpen their competitive edge, and to understand that they will not be alone on this journey – that they have a partner to share it with.

Already our customers are appreciating the profound difference that this approach can make. For example, we have worked with the CBI on creating state-of-the-art workspaces.

The CBI’s head of IT, David Peters, has called this “a truly collaborative process”, and said: “Where most software vendors simply offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Ricoh engages with us to respond to our unique challenges.”

The contract hire and leasing company Fraikin has also been through a discovery process with Ricoh to shape its digital transformation.

" Challenging, pertinent questions from the [Ricoh] team that made us think differently about the type of space we needed, to enable effective and efficient staff productivity; Ricoh’s approach and questioning set it apart from other suppliers and opened our eyes to the art of the possible.

Fraikin HR manager, Henry Horsfall

We have found that when businesses are open to new perspectives, when they are prepared to explore previously unimagined avenues, startling results can be achieved – far beyond a one-dimensional calculation of application and machine.

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The commitment instead is to long-lasting relationships. To establish and strengthen such relationships, customers need to know that they can trust their supplier; that their supplier knows and understands them and their challenges; that their supplier delivers on its promises, solves problems, and helps it to operate effectively in business.

All of this combined, create customer satisfaction and aid growth in the value of the business. Both for ourselves and for our customers, that pursuit should be a priority for 2022.

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