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Star product: Solvoprint wallpaper

Solvoprint, a heavy-duty, scratch-resistant paper, is suitable for all solvent-based and UV-curable inks, and its special PVC coating gives brilliant colours and a high-definition print. Colours, patterns, text and images can all be printed directly onto it and, because its slightly stippled rather than completely smooth, it has a bright, interesting texture.

Star product: Polar 115 XT

Automation is a key component in the armoury of the Polar 115 XT cutter, says supplier Heidelberg.Speed and ease of use are crucial, given that research by Polar has revealed half of shopfloor workers in print are beetling away in post-press areas, explains Heidelberg UK marketing manager Mark Hogan.

Star product: Sharp MX-M1100

Sharps latest black and white printing system is intended to tap into a potentially huge demand from corporate print departments and local authorities.

Star product: RedTie Quotation and RedTie Template

Software firm RedTie is targeting its recently launched online template and quoting systems at small and medium-sized firms trying to beat the squeeze on time and software costs.

Star product: EcoXtreme LT

Roland DG has launched what it describes as a low-cost high-quality ink that it claims offers outstanding colour density, a wide gamut and rugged durability for a variety of applications.

Star product Muller Martini ZTM 3697

Muller Martinis new high-performance ZTM 3697 gathering machine has been developed from scratch and features an innovative signature separation capability, which gives the paper high stability at maximum production speeds. In order to achieve this, the signatures are peeled off, bent and transported into its concave raceway.

Star product: Goss Sunday 5000

Goss International has developed the worlds first 96pp web offset press and has sold the first model to an Italian print firm.

Star product: iWay Managed Service

Two firms have joined forces to give small to medium-sized commercial printers a way into web-to-print capability without the heavy cost of hardware and back-up.

Star product: PressMax Founts

Fujifilms PressMax Founts are part of the firms family of PressMax pressroom chemistry and press care range of founts, washes and auxiliary products. They aim to improve both press performance and print quality.

Star product: Mimaki CF3

CF3 is Mimakis new series of flatbed cutters. It consists of the 1610 and 1631 models and offers extended finishing options for UV-curable inkjet prints.

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