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Overmatter: Seasonal swatches

Overmatter understands that considerable angst can be involved when picking a colour scheme for the Christmas tree – just look at the flak Everton manager Ronald Koeman received after posting a picture of his tree, which was covered in magnificent, err, red baubles.

Overmatter: Stop right there

Ah, stop-motion animation, a technique that brings back fond memories of Morph, Trumpton et al, as well as more recent exponents such as Wallace & Gromit.

Overmatter: hard currency

As this issue’s ‘From the Archive’ proves, the counterfeiting of banknotes has been a perennial problem for the printing industry.

Overmatter: Blue Lew

Lewis Hamilton may well have been feeling a little bit blue after his recent results on the F1 race track, so it’s good to see him having a bit of fun – as well as being quite literally painted blue – courtesy of inkjet giant Epson.

Overmatter: verse and worse

In case you missed it, it was National Poetry Day last week. The event unearthed some rare print talent.

Overmatter: iBag

Just as we’re reeling from Apple’s “courageous” (puh-lease) decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on its new iPhone 7, we learn the tech giant has designs on the design of another everyday item.

Overmatter: Facebook facepalm

It sounds like an ideal pub quiz question: how much paper would it take to print out the internet?

Overmatter: Outta bouts

What new form of print punch-up is this?

Overmatter: star turn

What better way to celebrate the installation of the UK’s first Fujifilm Jet Press 720S B2 sheetfed inkjet press than by having a legendary rugby player pop in to cut the ribbon?

Overmatter: Segway Solutions

Visitors to the recent Drupa print expo in Dusseldorf may well have noticed staff at the Messe exhibition centre buzzing around on snazzy Segway devices – an entirely practical option for getting about when there is 304,800sqm of internal space, and 261,800sqm of external area to get around.

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