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Overmatter: Noddy's Nuggets

Christmas is less than three weeks away, which can mean only one thing. Yes, Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody on repeat at your local shopping centre.

Overmatter: More Mo' mugs

A message pings into Overmatter’s inbox, and with it a rather eye-catching ensemble. For a minute we thought it was another variant on Katie Price’s catsuit. But no, it was of course mo- and Movember-related.

Overmatter: Mo' mugs

Printers across the country have been gripping their Gillettes, wielding their Wilkinson Swords, and brandishing their Brauns – in some cases exposing flesh that hasn’t seen the light of day for years.

Overmatter: Custom-printed catsuits

The rush of pre-Christmas book launches has resulted in a flurry of print runs, some more substantial than others.

Overmatter: Nike promotion

When Overmatter first saw reports about a Nike promotion involving a ‘human printing press’ we were, naturally, intrigued and somewhat sceptical.

Overmatter: The Letterpress Cats

Looking at pictures or funny videos of cats is, we’re told, the number one [legal] activity on the internet.

Overmatter: Keeping up with the Smiths

The wheels on the bike go round and round… and the trend for engaging in cycling feats of endurance shows no signs of braking, while keeping up with the Smiths is becoming harder.

Overmatter: Five minutes of fame

Five minutes of fame – or almost – for some of print’s very own in a recent edition of BBC programme Who Do You Think You Are? featuring footy legend Gary Lineker.

Arjowiggins preserves paper memory bank

Arjowiggins is creating memories for the future with its Blank Sheet Time Capsule scheme for paper-based nostalgia.

Book of Mormon resurrected by Utah print museum

A Utah print museum has attempted to reproduce the Book of Mormon by hand for the first time since the original manuscript was created in 1830.

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