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Overmatter: best foot first

As Overmatter observed in our previous issue, there are some very stylish folk out there in the printing industry.

Overmatter: tie fighters

Overmatter is very well aware that this industry scrubs up very nicely, very nicely indeed, and there is of course no better opportunity to show off a bit of finery than at the PrintWeek Awards.

Overmatter: ink in the limelight

Hold the front page, and diaries at the ready.

Overmatter: dunker’s delight

Well done to fellow PrintWeek Award winners Windles and Woodmansterne for reviving the age-old tradition of the print ‘wayzgoose’, with a day of fun and frolics at the new Windles site in Thame.

Overmatter: fishy business

What’s this we spy? Walstead chief executive Paul Utting moonlighting?? Something fishy going on over the summer holidays???

Overmatter: What the Dickens?

Overmatter hates it when the dread phrase ‘printing error’ is used to inaccurately blame the poor old printer for someone else’s foul-up.

Overmatter: Boats and bikes

More news of admirable charitable exploits by the industry’s great and good, on two wheels and by, err, dragon.

Overmatter: Ariel display

A somewhat unusual printing blooper has resulted in an unfortunate topless appearance by Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Overmatter: runners & riders

A seasonal shout-out to some of the charitable acts being undertaken by industry folk this summer.

Overmatter: vote-losing print

Ah, a general election. Time for political parties of all persuasions to mess something up in printed form.

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