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Overmatter: toilet humour

With Christmas approaching fast, Overmatter is spending a considerable amount of time studying the backs of Christmas cards, and rolls of wrapping paper, for that all-important ‘Printed in UK’ detail.

Overmatter: political presents

Overmatter recently embraced the joys of the alternative Advent calendar scene, not least because the explosion in special interest Advent calendars (gin, rum, Pringles, pork scratchings, tea bags, pet treats, beauty products… and more) has resulted in additional print work for some lucky printers.

Overmatter: best foot first

As Overmatter observed in our previous issue, there are some very stylish folk out there in the printing industry.

Overmatter: tie fighters

Overmatter is very well aware that this industry scrubs up very nicely, very nicely indeed, and there is of course no better opportunity to show off a bit of finery than at the PrintWeek Awards.

Overmatter: ink in the limelight

Hold the front page, and diaries at the ready.

Overmatter: dunker’s delight

Well done to fellow PrintWeek Award winners Windles and Woodmansterne for reviving the age-old tradition of the print ‘wayzgoose’, with a day of fun and frolics at the new Windles site in Thame.

Overmatter: fishy business

What’s this we spy? Walstead chief executive Paul Utting moonlighting?? Something fishy going on over the summer holidays???

Overmatter: What the Dickens?

Overmatter hates it when the dread phrase ‘printing error’ is used to inaccurately blame the poor old printer for someone else’s foul-up.

Overmatter: Boats and bikes

More news of admirable charitable exploits by the industry’s great and good, on two wheels and by, err, dragon.

Overmatter: Ariel display

A somewhat unusual printing blooper has resulted in an unfortunate topless appearance by Disney’s Little Mermaid.

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