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Overmatter: Bouncy bouncy

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, as everyone well knows, is that they’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Overmatter: Off the record

A subversive new form of creative print work has generated a significant number of column inches in recent weeks, after copies (well, at least one copy) of David Cameron’s new memoir, For the Record, were fitted with a faux dust jacket.

Overmatter: star quality

If you’re not glued to the telly of a Tuesday evening then why on earth not? You absolutely should be – rooting for one of print’s own, Michelle Evans-Fecci who’s flying the flag for Wales in the famous tent.

Overmatter: bags of style

Overmatter has an expensive tea habit. It must be Yorkshire Gold or nothing.

Overmatter: artwork oopsy

After many years in the printing and publishing business, Overmatter knows only too well the many and varied perils of the typo, or the item of dummy copy that makes its way all the way to print.

Overmatter: Cropper shows his moves

Overmatter tips a hat (or should that be a feathered headdress) to Gemini Print Group managing director Steve Cropper, who gamely took part in a Le Cabaret de Paris-themed charity evening last month in aid of children’s charities, raising more than £22,000 for the Starr Trust in the process.

Overmatter: Drupa rap

A year from now Drupa 2020 will be in its home stretch and while most manufacturers are keeping tight-lipped about their plans for the Messe Dusseldorf spectacle, excitement is nonetheless quickly ramping up.

Overmatter: Johnny B Gutenberg?

Think about Johannes Gutenberg and the image that tends to springs to mind is of a bearded old chap in a hat, wearing some typical 15th century garb, perhaps inspecting a sheet from his revolutionary printing press.

Overmatter: cash in the attic?

Hands up who loves Antiques Roadshow? Overmatter’s answers is “Meeeeeeeeee!”, particularly when there’s a print element to the valuable finds.

Overmatter: card sharps

When opportunity has the potential to knock, make sure you’re suitably prepared.

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