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Overmatter: puzzles in a pickle

Just like Her Majesty the Queen, Overmatter loves a good jigsaw puzzle.

Overmatter: stout stuff

Pouring a proper pint of Guinness can take a while, as the firm itself pointed out in its famous ‘good things come to those who wait’ adverts.

Overmatter: roll play

Chapeau to the team at Unite, which made the most of the wordplay opportunities after a dispute erupted at toilet paper and paper towel manufacturer Sidcot Group’s mill in Derbyshire.

Overmatter: tit for tat

The Apprentice is back, and Overmatter is of course glued to the television of a Wednesday evening, awaiting the latest puffed up pronouncements from this year’s array of egotistical maniacs.

Overmatter: Moon by name...

Yet again, there was tea all over the screen at PrintWeek Towers after Overmatter saw this tweet from online greetings card behemoth Moonpig.

Overmatter: mlutipel ytpos

Overmatter is grateful to Douglas Connor for alerting us to a whole new way of describing a print-based blooper.

Overmatter: Moan management

Overmatter’s tea was on the screen after happening upon a hilarious LinkedIn post from Rapidity managing director Paul Manning, who’s recruiting a new production manager for the firm’s recently-acquired facility in Sidcup.

Overmatter: overboard

Overmatter has heard about a few printing industry folk performing heroics over the years in order to extricate clients from sticky spots.

Overmatter: cool off!

It’s been really quite warm for more than a few days, people were wilting at Wimbledon, and there’s a hosepipe ban in some areas of the country.

Overmatter: Nevermind the size...

We’ve had our fair share of size-related bloopers over the years here at PrintWeek, and we know how easy it is for those devilish units of measurement to occasional cause confusion or embarrassing mix-ups.

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