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The Dhote mantra for ease in printing

A printer cum CA, Uday Dhote has been interpreting the vagaries of doing business. He exemplifies the strengths and weaknesses of today's competitive milieu - and offers 11 practical tips

Image creation and hard work extend Honeycomb's landscape in Bengaluru

Deepika Arwind understands what it takes to win the PrintWeek India's Creative Repro Company of the Year

To the guru of screen print, Michel Caza

Technical expertise and a fount of knowledge ensured that Michel Caza produced print jobs, almost all of them acclaimed. Bhargav Mistry salutes Caza for spreading screen technology.

Face to Face with Prof Dr Arved Hubler of Chemnitz University: The march towards nano technology

At a time, when mainstream discussion about packaging technologies chases a stifling path, Kiran Prayagi looks into the future of innovation along with Prof Dr Arved Hubler of Chemnitz University

Menaka Card: Tamil cinema's loss is a big gain for the wedding cards industry in Tamil Nadu

There's a Rajnikant film about a man's journey from rags to riches. This describes the journey of S Shangaralingam, chairman and managing director of Menaka Card, a 22-year-old wedding cards house in Chennai.

Shinohara 66: Ideal for shorter runs

The secret to the success of this long-running press is its high degree of automation, making it ideal for shorter runs, says Sachin Shardul

Wan-Ifra: The Newsroom Summit

The Newsroom Summit was condcuted for the first time in India at Wan-Ifra. It was held along side to the 18th annual conference of Wan-Ifra India 2010. A report by Alok Singh.

Prosper is Kodak's iPhone moment

Philip Faraci, the president and chief operating officer at Eastman Kodak talks to Ramu Ramanathan about digital print in the 21st century and his company's investment policies.

Tried & Tested: Fortec 800 FT

The exceptional accuracy to deliver products with various customisation levels has made 800 FT, the preferred casemaker finds Sachin Shardul

ATM in Daman inks high growth

Five years ago, Saill set up the first ink ATM in the country. Today, they distribute 150 tons of ink per month to 700 customers, as Ramu Ramanathan finds out.

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