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The Power of Print

In-depth analysis on the print industry and its position as a marketing powerhouse

A marketing vehicle that's hard to beat

PrintWeek's editor Darryl Danielli on print's place in the marketing mix

Tools and tricks

Thanks to an impressive, ever-expanding armoury of techniques and technologies, print still has the power to create a stunning product where other media fall down, says Barney Cox

Show me the money

When it comes to effective and impactful marketing, print still trumps all others, says Jon Severs

Joined-up sales

Print plays a vital role within a broad spectrum of marketing media - and always will, argues Noli Dinkovski

Push back the creative boundaries

Print may not have the 'geek appeal' of the latest digital multimedia toys, but from a creative point of view, the field has never been more exciting. Jo Francis examines some innovative examples

DM media go head to head

When it comes to direct marketing, the favourite is email - but the smart money is on cross-media, multichannel marketing, discovers Jon Severs

Power of Print: A to Z

Font of wisdom Paul Simpson gets out his writer's block and spells out everything you never wanted to know about Helvetica, schoolboy graffiti and designers' bestial urges

Print's place in the marketing mix

According the results of our second Power of Print survey, the industry still needs to do more to win fans

Festive wish list: All I want for Christmas is...

Sick of receiving the same old same-old from your nearest and dearest? Then why not take advantage of PrintWeek's seasonal gift guide. Simply print out this feature, put a big ring around the item you desire and leave it lying around the house so that your loved one picks up on the subtle hint...

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