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Do print industry standards stand up to the test?

When discussing the merits or otherwise of ISO standards for printers with participants in the printing industry, you end up getting into quite a few conversations that conclude that these badges of honour can be a little like Schrodinger’s cat.

A heavenly outcome for match made in Harrogate

Like the company he manages, Mark Plummer likes the direct approach, and where better for such an approach than the home county of direct talking: Yorkshire.

Playful presents and festive finds

Once again we’ve trawled the high street and the interwebs for a range of print-themed prezzies for ink-on-paper enthusiasts.

All I want for Christmas...

If ever a year qualified for ‘annus horribilis’ status it would be 2016. In the past 12 months a slew of cultural icons from the world of music and cinema passed away, war continued to rage in the Middle East and closer to home European cities were rocked by a series of devastating terrorism attacks.

A forte for IT can help orchestrate greater harmony

There is no doubt that the top dog in enterprises when it comes to all things IT and technology is the chief information officer (CIO).

Innovation can deliver for both big and small

The label printing landscape is shifting, as evidenced by events that took place just as this article was being compiled.

Skills schemes to attract bright young things

Whenever I thought of the print industry I pictured big warehouses printing stacks of newspapers: I guess I just thought of print as being quite old-fashioned,” recalls one of them.

Manufacturing a cure for toxic errors is getting simpler

Swiss-made is synonymous with a meticulous attention to detail, reliable performance and unimpeachable standards. Think watches, chocolate, banking, the Red Cross and Roger Federer.

Clever chemists cook up special FX for value-add

Historically manufacturers used to unveil new ink ranges every three to five years. Often these inks were launched to great fanfare and would accompany a new piece of hardware. However, in recent years things have changed.

Bring the family together under the same roof

The move took them only one and a half miles away but the consequence was far reaching.

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