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Taking the community to heart

Scarborough isnt at the end of the universe, but its pretty close, jokes Pindar group marketing director David Jesson. But his quip is a respectful one: over the past 130-odd years, as one of the seaside towns major employers, Pindar has done more than...

Applications with more personality

Personalised print to date has been about brands communicating with their customers as a way to increase the appreciation of, and spending with, the brand. It has been produced on behalf of a business that is trying to engage with a customer or prospect.

Responsible consumption

While green is almost so ubiquitous these days as to be the new grey, print companies are finding that there are less obvious costs and considerations to be borne in mind when demonstrating environmental responsibility. Rather like the layers of a Russian doll, strip away one set of issues and there is always another set lurking underneath.

2007 - the year that was on

The tumultuous year that was 2007 has been a big one for In this, our launch year, we have seen our audience expand by around 130% growth figures any business would be proud of. We hope this indicates that you, our readers, are responding as we work to publish the most relevant, interesting and insightful news about your industry.

Pastures new yield improved prospects

While many firms located on the site of the Olympic Park resented their need to relocate to make way for facilities for the 2012 games, Park Communications seized it as an opportunity. The firms old factory at Lea Mill, next to the A12, was pushing its limits and didnt support the firms plans.

A digital lifeline for fine art print

Fine art printing is arguably prints finest art. It requires incredible attention to detail, an unparalleled eye for colour and an innate understanding of the subject matter.

Prescribe the best medicine

The old adage that prevention is better than cure holds true for businesses as well as individuals. But inevitably there are times when a business falls ill, threatening the health and welfare of its investors, employees and customers. So what is the best medicine?

Virtual repro comes of age

Imagine having the ability to access your digital artwork from any computer anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, through an internet portal. Imagine being able to upload, download, amend, create and approve new or existing projects through the same portal. Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual repro a futuristic vision of pre-press management that is now a reality.

Next-gen print kit summit

Having the right technology whether that is the heavy metal of printing and post-press, the beige boxes of pre-press and digital print or the servers to run MIS and web-to-print software is crucial for successful print firms. Picking the right technology...

Going up in your clients estimation

Darren Briers has a problem with estimating. Hes fixed the problems that his own business, Northampton-based B2 printer Avalon, had in that area. But he believes the situation it faced before implementing a Brightblue estimating system are the rule in the industry rather than the exception.

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