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SMEs need aid for working capital, not new equipment

Any help that can be given to SMEs is going to be worth trying. However, I can see a number of pitfalls and problems with this structure. How many businesses will actually need to go and buy new capital equipment?

Credit plan a welcome move but will small firms benefit?

It being the season of party conferences, the team at PrintWeek Towers have been scouring the speeches of the great and, ahem, good in the hope of stumbling across some welcome respite from all the talk of double-dips and Credit Crunch 2.0.

EU late payment law may do SMEs more harm than good

If you strip down any business failure, the chances are that poor cashflow is ultimately blamed for the demise.

State banks appeal to SMEs, but there are better options

The economist Adam Posen is a man that few printers will have heard of before this week. Known primarily for being the arch-dove on the Bank of England's nine member Monetary Policy Committee, Posen has long been advocating (loudly and in isolation) a further bout of quantitative easing.

Reader Reaction: Are the enterprise zones likely to benefit the print industry?

Colin Roberts, managing director, Business Forms Express "I think it’s a lot of rubbish and there are no positives that I can see. It will just take away jobs from one area and move them to another. There...

Enterprise zones have poor record for creating growth

Last month the government announced the creation of the second tranche of enterprise zones - 11 new areas that follow on from the 11 named in the March Budget.

Innovation, not rock-bottom pricing, key to print success

While debating the finer points of the differing UK and German attitudes to manufacturing last weekend, one point of universal agreement was that innovation is always the most important factor in determining the success of a business - regardless of any tax breaks or other support offered by the state.

Wake up to the benefits an apprenticeship can deliver

The decision to take on an apprentice may be a difficult one for many companies, especially SMEs. Some employers think it will be too expensive, too bureaucratic or just irrelevant.

Web will take no prisoners if the numbers don't add up

It seems that the ongoing saga of industrial action at Wyndeham Impact is set to reach a sorry conclusion. But while the conspiracy theorists have suggested Impact's demise has something to do with the level of union recognition (not to mention unrest) at the site, it seems the reality is far less cloak-and-dagger: Impact was not a financially sustainable business.

It'll be no holiday but print is looking at a bright future

August is the time of year that journalists usually dread; what with the holiday season being in full swing and a dearth of serious news as a result - hence its 'silly season' moniker.

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