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Don't let the WWF spoil your Christmas break

There I was, gently filling up with Christmas cheer, a warm glow of yuletide anticipation spreading through my bones, and then I come across a seemingly harmless press release from a respected environmental body and 'goodwill to all men' suddenly seems a distant memory.

'La Rue-sistance' ?ghts off Norman conquest

There's never a dull moment in print. As the year creeps towards a close, I find myself fascinated by the continued saga of De La Rue, which is playing out like many a good three-part drama from the BBC's yuletide repertoire.

With big names and big ideas on the bill, Northprint is the place to boost business

Whether you are a print service provider or involved in print buying, the BPIF's recent statement that 'print is great' brought a fresh sense of optimism to the market. Highlighting print's vibrancy, it reminded us of the industry's huge economic significance nationally and generated a much-needed dose of enthusiasm about the opportunities it represents.

Grab the opportunity to see the big picture

Last week's Vision in Print conference got me thinking about the value of these kinds of events and why, for some reason, the print industry at large fails to fully engage with them.

'The Colour Company' is seeking to set the template on colour-critical apps

Most people reading this will probably know X-Rite only as a supplier of colour measurement instruments to the printing industry. I doubt there are many who know of the position that X-Rite holds in the paints, textiles, automotive and plastics industries.

Print's support will prevent the historic YMP from reaching the end of its run

It seems that we have come to the end of an era for the YMP as we know it, as the current members of the committee will all be stepping down at the YMP Reunion, being held in Blackpool on 25-27 February 2011.

Playing politics won't aid economic recovery

The Irish debt crisis, which culminated this week in a cap-in-hand approach to the EU for up to 90m in emergency funds, served as a timely reminder that while the worst of the financial chaos of the past two years may be behind us we certainly aren't out of the woods.

Help us to shape the future of PrintWeek

The PrintWeek team has been hitting the road over the past few weeks, conducting face-to-face qualitative interviews with readers up and down the country as part of our goal to identify their business needs and how we can best serve them - and it's been an enlightening process to say the least.

Talking Business: Signing up to PAS 2020 will help DM to junk public's unfavourable perceptions

Transforming direct marketing (DM) into a sustainable industry is a challenging task. Coupled with the consumer's perceptions of 'junk mail' and wasted communication, the direct mail industry has a tough challenge on its hands.

There's no better time than now to 'go green'

You could be forgiven for thinking that the tough trading conditions of the past couple of years have justifiably pushed the environment down most printers' agenda.

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