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Analysis: Who will carry the cost of the CFP levy?

UK printers may have to pick up the bill for anti-dumping regulations, warns Helen Morris

CSR spells public and private sector pain

When chancellor George Osborne put half a million public sector jobs on the line in his Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), he was betting the farm on a recovery.

Five Arrows deal could just be a knight in shining armour for print businesses

Last week's arrival of a new and potentially major supplier of funding in the form of the Rothschild-owned Five Arrows Leasing Group (FALG) could not have come at a better time.

Stoppage could cost banknote printer

De La Rue is a company in crisis. At the start of the summer it shocked clients and investors alike with what amounted to a profits warning.

Are banks falling out of love with print?

Despite pressure to up lending levels, many banks think print is just too risky, finds Simon Nias

Building alliances to better businesses

In the past month, financial experts have been talking up the benefits of strategic alliances for the print industry. In the spirit of our new ruling coalition, it is thought that a collaboration of mutual interest, where both participants have an equal say and work together for mutual benefit, could bring much-needed advantages to print companies at a time when competition is fiercer than ever.

Moratoriums will be fairer but not firm

The proposed bankruptcy protection scheme is welcome, but it lacks teeth, says Adam Hooker

Equity isn't the only way to up morale

Giving staff a stake can boost business fortunes but dialogue is essential, finds Tim Sheahan

End of the line for end-of-line outfits?

In-house binderies may kill off the finisher - and a valuable print partner, says Adam Hooker

The risks of invoice discounting exposed

Despite improving a business's cashflow, CID has many potential pitfalls, argues Simon Nias

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