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How brand designers can learn from the social scene

Business stationery printers looking to create stand-out products are increasingly taking their cues from the world of high-end social stationery

Print's Past: Henry Pepwell

Henry Pepwell is someone I would like to get to know better yet, despite his seemingly illustrious status, little is known of his life.

Post Script: States firm steps up its game with iPhone app

Printers, often unfairly, get a bad rap when it comes to embracing the future of technology. However, it would be hard to level that accusation at US-based print supplies business

Print's Past: Thomas Cotterill

My father was brought up in Cotterills Lane, Birmingham. It always seemed quite fortuitous that a future compositor should start his life in a road named after a typefounder.

Print's past: Charles Henry Foyle

Charles Henry Foyle is one of the forgotten names of the printing industry, although his contribution to print and packaging was far-reaching and the company he founded is still in existence.

Census printing: The mother of all mailshots

Not every printer would pitch to knock out 30m personalised mailings. But, if you're tempted to, Jon Severs discovers the Herculean effort involved

Print's Past: Artificiana

In 1819, Oliver & Boyd, Publishers, Edinburgh issued Artificiana, a small book that described the printing trade and its various branches.

Green buildings: the heat is on

Pressure to cut carbon is leading printers to improve their premises' performance, finds Jon Severs

Print's Past: The engraver

It was the job of the engraver to supply the copperplate printer with plates. The tools the engraver needed, both few and small, included:

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