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To survive, we must become POEs: Print Outcome Experts

The pressures on our industry are real: weak demand, overcapacity and new media with clear proof points and sleek presentation.

Finance initiatives' take-up low, but RGF should flourish

We have all been subject to a great deal of ministerial airtime of late, as the government seeks to both stimulate and support various finance initiatives for the UK SME business sector.

High-profile PM acquisitions do not have a great history

Konica Minolta acquires Charterhouse and the abbreviations converge: PM (print management) meets MPS (managed print services). But what does that actually mean to the respective companies and the industries that they represent?

CWU's Royal Mail action is a threat to direct mail sector

In December 2012, bosses of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) threw down a challenge to Royal Mail when it threatened to ballot its members to boycott handling mail from downstream access (DSA) providers. While CWU's intended target is Royal Mail, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has raised concerns that the proposed action could cause significant harm to the multibillion-pound direct mail industry that it represents.

ING exit will hit digital most but there are other options

As one of the largest funders (and certainly the largest funders for brokers), ING's decision will have very significant ramifications for the print sector. Nobody can step in and fill that gap but other funders - including Print Finance - will work very hard with customers, brokers and manufacturers to absorb that loss.

The 10-day target has failed to bring about real change

The 10-day target was launched by the previous government to standardise prompt public-sector payment in the hope that private companies would swiftly follow suit. Unfortunately, that has not yet happened. While it has been embraced by many public bodies, the Prompt Payment Code, a voluntary agreement to treat suppliers fairly, has been signed by only a handful of the UK's largest firms.

Print managers must look for a new raison d'tre

The print management model is broken. Discuss.

DM screening will offer real benefits for some printers

Having followed its development over the past three years, I recently had the opportunity to evaluate Hamillroad's DM screening technology, which will be available as ECRM DMS at Drupa, running on both violet and thermal CTP plates. I studied real-life...

'La Rue-sistance' ?ghts off Norman conquest

There's never a dull moment in print. As the year creeps towards a close, I find myself fascinated by the continued saga of De La Rue, which is playing out like many a good three-part drama from the BBC's yuletide repertoire.

Grab the opportunity to see the big picture

Last week's Vision in Print conference got me thinking about the value of these kinds of events and why, for some reason, the print industry at large fails to fully engage with them.

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