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Analysis: Who will carry the cost of the CFP levy?

UK printers may have to pick up the bill for anti-dumping regulations, warns Helen Morris

Buyers' Guide: Gloss art papers

It may not be the trendiest stock, but when it comes to producing high-end magazines, you can't beat a bit of gloss, writes Noli Dinkovski

Post Script: Bog-standard toilet paper scrubs up well

The doom-mongers may whinge about the industry going down the pan, but now you can find out how to create paper art on the toilet thanks to a handy guide to origami illustrated using the humble loo roll.

EU levy on CFP provokes angry response from UK print firms

Printers using coated fine paper (CFP) from China will be hit by price rises following the outcome of an anti-dumping investigation by the European Commission.

Hedge your bets: pin paper prices down

As paper price rises continue to wreak havoc in the industry, Helen Morris asks if negotiating a fixed price could pay off in the long term

Buyers' Guide: Digital papers

Digital papers have performed strongly in a tough market, thanks to a broader uptake of digital technology, writes Noli Dinkovski

Help Line: Cards, waterproof grades & canvases

Jo Francis tracks down the solutions to your technical troubles

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