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I swear by my: Heidelberg Anicolor

We are a high-quality trade printer in the short to medium run, fast turnaround market. Using the Anicolor we anticipate boosting productivity per shift by 25% compared with our conventional press.

I swear by my... Printmaster PM 52-5

I like the philosophy behind Heidelbergs Printmaster PM 52. It lets us determine how much atomicity is used and helps us to uncover exactly what will make a difference to us and our customers.

Cross-process colour control

Clinic topics this month: Sjaak Veeken on standardising colour; Phillippa Dempster on selling a business; and David Jutton on energy buying deals

Ryobi 512

In the early 90s, Ryobi found itself facing a dilemma. Its customers that were using the single-colour 500K machine were increasingly asking for a two-colour press, while customers that were using its 3302 two-colour portrait machine were trying to meet to the greater demand for landscape printing.

Presstek 34DI-E

Newton Press DI machine has not only increased output, its done it cost-effectively and with quality, says managing director Nick Ward.

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