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E-marketing the only winner in mail dispute

Royal Mail chiefs have stated that the latest wave of strikes could cost the carrier up to 260m.

The best managers can make money in print

Media & Print Investments Mike Dolans entrance into the world of print reminds me of the old industry joke: How do you make a small fortune in print? Start off with a large one.

The psychology of colour choice

Scientists at Newcastle University recently published, in an issue of Current Biology, the results of research examining the colour preferences of the sexes. Any colour predilections were deem-ed to be biologically based and not culturally, a conclusion reached from the inclusion of European and Chinese subjects in the study.

Kodak and Xerox lead the fight against the counterfeiting that blights print

On foreign trips to places like China, many of us delight in haggling for apparently branded goods in the street markets. This is for items we obviously know to be fakes such as Rolex watches and French perfumes, but also for products such as designer shirts and shoes that are most likely made in the same factories as the high-priced goods we buy at home. And thats not to mention pirated items such as CDs.

Will the 2012 Olympics really cheer printers?

As a journalist, even one writing about the print industry, its hard to ignore anything that has even the smallest link to three little words: London, 2012 and Olympics. The same, it seems, applies for printers. As we report this week, interest in the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) tender for print work has been so huge that the ODA has put off an early stage of the tender by more than a month.

Watching Inkski with interest

Normally I receive the first daily news via the wireless, usually favouring the Today programme on Radio 4. Exceptions to this habit do occur when staying in a hotel and resorting to early morning television news. Do not attempt to divine any logic in this behaviour.

Borrowing crisis is not helped by media hype

The issue of finance is a hot topic right now, with virtually every news media outlet screaming: UK set for credit crunch. So, perhaps nows not the best time to focus on borrowing (p32). Or, perhaps, its the perfect time?

Directors, beware: the Companies Act will change the way you do business

Heard the one about the law with 1,300 sections and 16 schedules containing rules that come into force on 1 October? Well, its no joke and if you havent done so you should be looking at the Companies Act unless you want a punchline with the words fine and disqualification.

FFEI and Nilpeter partnership utilises past experiences to produce Caslon

I have previously written about the potential of hybrid printing and inkjet. At this months Labelexpo, there will be a significant product launch: Nilpeters Caslon colour inkjet unit, jointly developed with FFEI. I accepted the offer to take a look at...

The Olympic sport of logo bashing

Nothing equals a new logotype for fomenting public outrage. Arguably, the disquiet that greeted the introduction of the logo for the London Olympic Games was unprecedented in its venom and immediacy. As 400,000 of public money has been expended on the branding, I guess the right to criticise cannot be denied.

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