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Impresse extends into Europe

Impresse has announced plans to extend its online print procurement system to support the European printing industry although its goal of a public offering has been temporarily delayed due to what the company described as adverse market conditions.

MAN Roland take its biggest Drupa order

Italian web printer Vittorio Farina has ordered four 64pp MAN Lithoman web offset presses MAN Rolands single biggest order at Drupa.

Heidelberg imposes on packaging

Heidelberg is demonstrating a version of its Signastation impositioning software specifically designed for the packaging industry.

DuPont launches thermal plate developer

DuPont has unveiled its latest thermal developer for flexographic plates which the company claims will reduce plate production times by up to 75%.

IPTech previews workflow tool

IPTech has previewed its new pre-press workflow management tool. The nAct software package, designed for the OEM market, incorporates Adobe Extreme digital imaging architecture. The first units will be available towards the end of the year.

Variable label printing

Chromas Technologies, a subsidiary of Didde, has developed a digital printing system that can be retrofitted on to most conventional web presses. The Argio 75SS is a UV ink- jet printer which the company claims will enable label converters to output variable data in the colour of their choice on almost any substrate.

Mitsubishi previews reduced-chemistry plate processor

Mitsubishi Paper Mills has used Drupa to preview a number of new products including an as yet unnamed reduced-chemistry plate processor and a silver offset plate for exposure using blue laser diodes.

Fuji sells first Luxel off its stand

Fuji has sold its first Luxel P9600CTP. The platesetter on its stand at Drupa is to be shipped off to Woodprint Craft in Dublin straight after the show.

Vio and Xerox enter global alliance

Vio has entered into an alliance with Xerox that will bring together Vio customers with Xerox users currently connected to its Equant-supplied global network. As part of the deal Vio will create an online directory of Xerox digital printing sites.

QuarkXpress 5 beta demo

Quark is showing a beta version of QuarkXpress 5 in order to gain first hand user feedback before finalising its new features.

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