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Ensure you're not fair game for claims of discrimination: hiring

One printer describes hiring as a "minefield", while a consulting firm says it is potentially very costly. Let us take your hand and guide the way

Lucerne messe was abuzz with 'meaningful' innovations: a rundown of Hunkeler Innovationdays

It was not on the scale of Drupa or Ipex, but last week's Hunkeler show in Lucerne had plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Here's the PrintWeek rundown

Collaboration is key: printers that make transparency pay through peer-to-peer learning

You may wish to protect 'trade secrets', but open discussions with competitors - like those planned at Dscoop next week - can prove rewarding

How Davids can take on Goliaths: a guide to microbusinesses

On a level playing field, small firms can punch above their weight. However, too often, the odds are stacked in favour of the bigger players

As Konica buys Charterhouse, print asks: is this the future?

Firms once solely regarded as manufacturers are branching out into services, with mergers and acquisitions often enabling the move. But is it wise?

Unite and CPI agree basic wage increase

Paper sector workers will benefit from a 2.6% increase in their basic hourly wage following a review of Unite and the Confederation of Paper Industries' (CPI) national agreement.

Purchasing the best of both: a guide to M&As

Acquisitions have a murky reputation, as we have all seen too many pre-pack administrations to feel at ease with the subject. Do it well, though, and merging with another firm could be your best move yet

Neck and neck: platesetters keeping up with digital kit

As technology continues to improve, litho presses are currently getting much better at short-run, on-demand work. But platesetters must keep apace, too, if those gains are really going to be effective

City slicker takes to the single life: Cascade Group business inspection

The decision to go it alone can be daunting, but the potential reward can be well worth it

Star product: Unibind UniFoil Printer

A bespoke 'plug-and-play' foiling machine that the manufacturer says is ideal for short-run copyshop applications

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