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Flexo & gravure presses

Traditionally reserved for high-volume runs, these presses are now able to compete with other processes on cost and speed, says Nosmot Gbadamosi

Preflighting, workflows & RIPs

Tracking print with management workflow is an essential tool in today's tough market, finds Nosmot Gbadamosi

Service engineers

As printers keep their presses for longer, work has increased for engineers, but they face stiff competition from manufacturers, finds Nosmot Gbadamosi

Large-format digital printers

Faster and higher-quality digital printers are attracting interest from companies looking to diversify, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

Flexo & gravure inks

Rising raw material prices and the credit crunch are forcing manufacturers to pass on higher costs to their customers, discovers Nosmot Gbadamosi


While Ipex showcased the latest hard proofing technology, soft proofing continues to raise its game to compete, discovers Nosmot Gbadamosi

Digital colour presses

The digital market continues to respond to demands for faster speeds and higher quality with increasing success, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

Text and cover papers

The market for these office-bound grades is still suffering from budget cuts, but innovations are forcing buyers to take note, finds Nosmot Gbadamosi

Narrow web presses

Despite the rise of niche applications, it's unlikely that Ipex will feature much new technology for narrow web presses, says Nosmot Gbadamosi

Process Controls I

Printers are now realising the cost savings that can be made by implementing process controls, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

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