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Offset blankets

Despite the tough economic times, scrimping on consumables may prove to be counter-productive, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

Coated board

The coated board market is a highly specialised one with demand tending to rise and fall according to seasonal variations. Catalogues, brochures, greetings cards and packaging are just a few of the products well-suited to coated board, which includes art paper board to carton and graphic board.

Screen process presses

Though some have written screen printing off, many in the industry believe it is still viable in certain sectors

Used equipment

The UK secondhand market is struggling at the moment, with most printers struggling to secure the finance to purchase kit, finds Nosmot Gbadamosi

Buyers' Guide: Letterhead paper

The challenge in this sector is to find affordable price without losing out on quality of grade or the substrate's feel, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

Newspaper mailroom

This sector has had to adapt as publishers cut back circulations as a result of falling advertising revenues, writes Nosmot Gbadamosi

Plates & plate processors

Exciting technological developments in the plates and processors market are cutting costs and environmental impact, says Nosmot Gbadamosi

Mailroom equipment

An increased emphasis on the quality of transactional and direct mail has seen a new focus on inspection software, discovers Nosmot Gbadamosi

Platesetters: flexo, newspaper & VLF

With more UK printers investing in bigger presses, the need for larger-format platesetters is also on the rise, says Nosmot Gbadamosi

Buyers' guide: Newsprint

As the most specialised category of all the paper sectors, newsprint is highly susceptible to the fluctuations of the advertising market and the whims of newspaper readerships.

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