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It’s only fair that politicians pony up for mucking the country about

In this month’s issue we’ve dedicated no fewer than 33 pages to last month’s Awards.

Que será, será – anything could happen in the next few weeks

In a few short weeks, the business landscape in the print industry might have changed dramatically, because by the time the next issue of this magazine hits your desk, the UK might have crashed out of the EU without a deal.

New-look Printweek is a labour of love. We hope you enjoy it

Welcome to your new-look, monthly Printweek.

Big news from PrintWeek Towers

**Klaxon** Important announcement to follow: from September, PrintWeek will become a monthly magazine.

M&A reflects exciting opportunities

As highlighted in this issue’s briefing pages, it seems that there has been something of a summer growth-spurt of M&A activity across the printing industry.

We must celebrate our successes

This issue’s interviewee Adam Carnell started his print business with partner James Kinsella when they were both just 21 – 10 years ago to the day tomorrow.

Overcapacity dogs the industry still

So, what are the lessons to be learned from the collapse last week of Howard Hunt and the sad loss of 250 jobs?

Acquisition couldn’t help square Circle

Oh, how the might have fallen. Again. The abrupt bankruptcy of Helio Charleroi at the end of January. The ‘fire sale’ of CPI Group. Further sell-offs, further closures. And now, the end.

Don’t exit your opportunity to win big

So, after last week’s announcement, it’s hopefully not escaped your attention that the fateful decisions that could have a massive impact on your business and its people will be unveiled in October.

Time for an end to the hokey-cokey

I’m not going to lie, for the past few months when I sit down to write this comment, I do everything I can to avoid writing about Brexit.

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