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Star product: Caldera Flow+ 2.0

The latest version of the wide-format workflow package.

Star product: EFI Radius 15.1

The latest version of the end-to-end modular ERP for packaging and label printers.

Star product: SAI PhotoPrint Cloud

Latest version puts wide-format controls in the cloud

Star product: E-nGauge estimator

The E-nGauge litho estimating system is des-cribed by its manufacturer as a "revolutionary new litho print estimating package".

Star product: RedTie Quotation and RedTie Template

Software firm RedTie is targeting its recently launched online template and quoting systems at small and medium-sized firms trying to beat the squeeze on time and software costs.

Star product: iWay Managed Service

Two firms have joined forces to give small to medium-sized commercial printers a way into web-to-print capability without the heavy cost of hardware and back-up.

Star product: The Crossroads initiative

A workflow initiative combining a variety of products from different vendors has been launched by Gradual Software. Crossroads is a cross-vendor communications platform that aims to merge workflow modules, such as PDF creation, pre-flighting, proofing, image manipulation and imposition, into one integrated system.

Imprint WebDesk

Theres a lot of haziness in the print industry about having an online presence. For instance, even if printers dont actually have a decent website, they are familiar with the idea and benefits of having one. But far fewer have got to grips with the possibility...

Fujifilm XMF

The release last month of XMF puts Fuji in an unusual position. Historically, the firm has been in the rearguard of workflow development, but now as the first to market with an Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)-based workflow, it will be down to Fuji to convince punters of the benefits of both its and Adobes new technology.

Compose Express WorkFlow 3

Express WorkFlow has grown up. When Compose first introduced it early in 2003 it was intended as an affordable front-end for the new breed of low-cost 2pp and 4pp platesetters. Unexpectedly, the main market turned out to be users of 8-up platesetters who wanted automation without the high expense of the original "mainstream" models.

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