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Can print firms score big in the digital signage game?

Imagine standing in a queue at a petrol station to pay for your fuel when suddenly a digital screen positioned next to you starts playing adverts that pique your interest. Every single ad that airs seems pertinent to your personal situation – it’s almost as if the screen has an insight into your innermost thoughts.

WF sector plays catch-up in web-to-print stakes

It is a truism that wide-format printers lag behind their commercial counterparts in the adoption of productivity software, such as workflow, colour management and MIS. And the same seems true with web-to-print software too.

Fashion favours the personal approach

Imagine changing your home decor as often as you buy new clothes and upgrade your phone. Chances are you won’t be finding this too much of a stretch – or at least you won’t be finding the idea as alien and extravagant as previous generations no doubt would have done.

Transporting files takes off with latest workflows

That’s the trouble with doing well. Excel at making some decent margins from a certain area of print, and it inevitably won’t be long before others are jumping on the bandwagon – and in the case of wide-format print, offering to wrap it too.

Strategies for successfully adding wide-format services

If the chatter around the print industry is to be believed, commercial printers have spent the past few years flocking to wide-format in their droves. And why wouldn’t they?

Me & my: SwissQprint Nyala

"I'm a tight Yorkshireman, I don't part with money easily at all." So says James Dixon, managing director of Halifax-based display and merchandising specialist Retail Services Group.

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