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Publishers must accept price rises to ensure supply base

UK web offset is facing unprecedented challenges. This year, some of the main players have been forced to take previously unthinkable actions. Polestar came close to insolvency and had to enact a radical financial restructuring, and St Ives, the old bellwether of the sector, has exited altogether.

Look out publishers, web is finally standing up for itself

BGP's decision to take (probably) its first stand on price, has resulted not only in Future packing its mags for the West Midlands, but also sparked a quiet revolution in the web offset market. Whisper it softly, but the next time you hear about price rises, it might just be the printers that are instigating them.

The power of negative thinking

What if instead of using inkjet heads to jet ink they were used to apply an ink-resistant substance to subtract part of an offset litho produced image (like a photographic negative blocks light) as it was being printed?

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