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Why investing in your staff’s skills really does add up

As the brilliant industrialist Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.” The quote has stood the test of time and arguably is more relevant today than ever.

Proper motivation makes work seem less of a treadmill

There was a time buying a round at the pub on a Friday and offering a Christmas bonus would be enough to keep staff pretty content and settled enough not to look at other opportunities. Those times are long gone.

Terms of engagement: learning to talk the talk

Watching Chris Atkins prepare for a sales meeting, you might wonder what he’s up to. Perhaps after jotting down some notes at his desk, Atkins will sometimes then get up and sit in the chair opposite.

A printer's roadmap for the communications landscape

Keeping up to speed with the latest developments in digital communications is no mean feat. Take your eye off the ball for just a short while and, as others enthuse knowledgeably - and perhaps a tad smugly - about 'automated marketing', 'software as a service,' and 'clickable paper', you can soon start to feel you've wandered into a mysterious foreign land.

Business inspection: drawing in the next generation

Twinning with schools can have long-lasting benefits for both students and printers alike

Can people really be taught the tricks of the sales trade?

It's 11am on a Friday morning, and I'm attempting to sell a suitcase. Have I fallen on particularly hard times as a hack and decided to write off all future holiday plans? Has PrintWeek decided it's time I earned my keep and learned the art of sales? No, and - touch wood - no.

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