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Open your mind to a show that will cross boundaries

Cross-media offerings may not help every printing business increase workloads, but no stone should be left unturned in the hunt for opportunities. Cross Media 2012 might have just what you're looking for

Use an MIS to keep an eye on your digital workflow

There is, as yet, no MIS purely dedicated to cross-media but even existing print-based suites can produce worthwhile benefits, monitoring productivity and deadlines, and helping calculate costs

Advertising that fits the bill: in defense of transpromo

The transactional mail revolution, which once looked like a game-changer, never took off. Transpromo, though, is a great marketing tool that could make a big impact

True colour no longer in the eye of the beholder: colour calibration explained

In the world of retail, colour is king. Get it right, and your carefully selected shade can be as good as a free sample in making the consumer crave a certain foodstuff. Get it wrong, or end up with a colour too similar to another brand's, and - as feared by Cadbury, Veuve Clicquot and Christian Louboutin, which all last year fought high-profile battles to gain ownership over their brand's colours - the customer might not think the product's the real deal.

An expertise in inline innovation

A creative approach to inline manufacturing has given this mailing house an edge

DM screening will offer real benefits for some printers

Having followed its development over the past three years, I recently had the opportunity to evaluate Hamillroad's DM screening technology, which will be available as ECRM DMS at Drupa, running on both violet and thermal CTP plates. I studied real-life...

Will DM technology usher in a new screening revolution?

Whether, conventional, stochastic or hybrid, or to use their respective abbreviations AM, FM or XM, halftone screens have long been associated with improving print quality. From the mid-nineties to the mid-noughties there was a rush of screening advances that, together with the switch from analogue to digital pre-press, coincided with a rapid increase in print quality.

Countering the threat from electronic publishing

Speaking at the Cartagena, Colombia edition of the Hay Literary Festival in January, acclaimed US author Jonathan Franzen struck a blow for print when he insisted that, for the serious book reader - or "a literature-crazed person like me" - the 'analogue' format was always going to be preferable to its upstart digital competitor, the e-book. Printed books, he went on, were part of the "concrete world", whereas e-books just weren't "permanent enough".

Quad/Graphics Launches Media Solutions Division

Quad/Graphics has become the latest major US printer to unveil a cross-media strategy, following the formation of Quad/Graphics Media Solutions, which it said would help customers better leverage emerging mobile and digital platforms.

Print must prepare for the screen test

When it comes to magazines, print, essentially, is having its pockets picked. You see, as magazine printers walk down the dark alley of UK-wide economic uncertainty, preoccupied with depleting paginations and falling client numbers, Apple has snuck up behind them and is helping companies lift publishers right out of the printer's back pocket with a platform no one, initially, saw the point in: the tablet computer.

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