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One year on, what was the impact of Paperlinx’s collapse?

It was once the behemoth of paper merchanting with around 1,200 staff and almost 20 UK sites but 12 months ago, on, of all days, 1 April, the bulk of Paperlinx UK went into administration and the industry held its breath.

Calais crisis puts print supplies at risk

The Road Haulage Association has called it “mayhem” and charities, a humanitarian crisis. Whichever way you look at it the combination of a series of strikes by French ferry workers and migrants fleeing wars and poverty arriving in increasingly large numbers at Calais, France, in an attempt to reach the UK, is a headache for business.

Printers must learn to go with Flow

Earlier this month Amazon launched an app update that has been described as a major threat to traditional retailers. However, not everyone is running scared as the opportunities may be significant.

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