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Me & my: Smyth Digital-88

Last year was a momentous one for 135-year-old Bookbinders of London. It moved to Hertford and sold the building it had occupied since its 1880 start in Holloway Road, Highbury.

Me & my: Duplo iSaddle

Steve Wenlock has saddled up and is about to crack the whip. The managing director of Flexpress recently installed a piece of equipment billed as the first of its kind in the country and, according to its manufacturer, the “most relevant saddle-stitching system for today’s print market”.

Me & my: Horizon SPF/FC-200A bookletmaker

Swindon. Home to the infamous 'magic roundabout', a baffling experience for the casual visitor to the town.

Me & my: Goss Purlux 1200 saddlestitcher

In the midst of all-singing-all-dancing new applications, and machines that promise to deliver previously unimaginable speeds and levels of quality, kit that puts in an impressively solid performance on bread-and-butter-type processes, can often be overlooked.

Me & my: Duplo DBMi saddle stitcher

As well as handling a wider range of exciting formats with 60 seconds' makeready, this device runs fast and is simple to use.

Me & my: Horizon BQ160

A three-floor, 200-year-old ex-bakery sat in the middle of a conservation area is probably not the first place you'd look for a print business. Yet 10 miles south of Cambridge in the village of Linton, this is exactly where you find Plumridge Print, a commercial printer that has been operating for more than 50 years printing everything from magazines to reports and accounts and catalogues.

Me & my... Watkiss PowerSquare TM 200

As the old adage goes, 'If you want something doing, do it yourself.' This was certainly the logic employed by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) when it decided to purchase a Watkiss PowerSquare TM 200 stitcher, folder and trimmer to complement its in-house printing department.

Me & My... Horizon StitchLiner 5500

This machine's one-minute makeready has proved a 'godsend' for Ruddocks, especially when it has to handle such a broad variety of work

Total PFS Introma ZD-2SR

Ipswich Borough Council's printing and reprographics manager Mike Whight chose the Introma for its quiet operation and cost savings

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