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Me & my: Roland VersaUV S-Series LEC-330S F200

They’re a plain speaking bunch at The Sign Shed, as befits the North Yorkshire location. That approach is exemplified by the name, which references the firm’s origins in a garden shed making signs.

Me & my: Massivit 1800

Andesign believes the benefits of investing in the Massivit 1800 large-format 3D printer are worth making an elephant-sized fuss about.

Me & my: D.Gen Teleios Black

Northern Flags is a long-established textile printing company based in Leeds. It was set up 31 years ago with the Dutch Faber family, owner of Faber Vlaggen, as a minority shareholder.

Me & my: Agfa Jeti Mira

Last August saw the first UK installation of a new generation of Agfa flatbed UV printers at Graphica Display in Chessington.

Me & my: Schneider Senator 115H ‘CT’

For many 80s and 90s kids, the word ‘sticker’ is a very nostalgic one indeed. In a simpler pre-iPad age, stickers, whether football profiles heatedly traded in the playground, or those collected at tourist attractions and compiled in special commemorative sticker albums, held a unique, and strangely compelling appeal.

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