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Go South West: why printers love the vibrant city of Bristol

Print has been reaping the benefits of a flourishing creative industry in the South West of England’s biggest city, as have many ex-Londoners.

How do the two main parties match up on election pledges?

While a coalition government is a highly likely outcome of the 7 May election, it will be led by one or other of the two big players. So, what are they offering?

The UK will never be the same again, whatever the outcome

This Thursday, some 4m Scottish residents will head to the polling booths to answer a simple yes or no question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

A very different industry has emerged from the downturn

It has been six years coming, but the UK economy has finally surpassed its pre-recession peak. That it is the last of the G8 to do so bar Italy, which is still 9% below its 2008 maximum and headed into its third recession, illustrates how protracted the recovery has been; nevertheless, for the past year our economic future has been looking progressively brighter.

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