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Q&A: Tim Messom owner, Save Tim from Bankruptcy

Tim’s claim to fame is that he saved his Notts business using Facebook and the above business name. It went viral and he ended up on TV in two countries. “I had my 15 minutes of fame for being broke,” he says.

Q&A: Martin Nestor Production director, First 4 Print Finishing

Martin officially ‘retired’ from First 4 at the end of October, but we hear he’ll still do about four months a year at the Blackburn company, which recently carried off PrintWeek’s SME Company of the Year gong.

Q&A: Nicky Cerrato, account manager, Datum

Nicky has worked in the industry for 11 years, but is relatively new to Hatfield-based Datum having joined the firm five months ago. She has, however, known managing partners Scott Pearce and Mark Gamble for more than a decade.

Q&A: Gary Smith Account director, Rival Colour

Gary has worked in the industry for getting on for 30 years, having quickly decided that being a “chippy’s mate” didn’t offer the career prospects, or warm office, that he aspired to.

Q&A: Chris Pinborough, manufacturing manager, Ancient House Press

Chris is the first recipient of the Kathy Woodward Award for Learning. He’s 32 and has been in print for 14 years, progressing from a time-served printing apprentice to his current role.

Q&A: Steve Miller, production director, Statexcolourprint

Steve spent three years at technical college gaining A levels in photography, fine art and screenprinting and a diploma in television production.

Q&A: John B Easson, owner and entire staff, The Quarto Press

John started drawing lettering at school and took up printing as a student in 1963 while studying physics. He lectured on printing technology for 20 years and ran The Quarto Press, printing and publishing poetry booklets and doing charity work throughout.

Q&A: Tim Hill Managing director, Speedscreen

Tim has been in the print game since leaving school at 16, and his first job was as a camera operator at a screen printer in Rochester.

Q&A: Derek Knoll Chairman, Hastings Printing Co

Derek is 83 and has been in the trade since he was 14, a whopping 69 years – beat that! He still goes into the office twice a week and likes to keep up with advances within the trade.

Q&A: Ian Chamberlain, managing director, Tudor Bookbinding

Ian has worked in print finishing since he left school at the age of 16, barring a brief interlude in 1975 when he tried his hand at being a milkman, a cooked meats salesman, and a van driver, before (we’re happy to say) returning to his roots. Ian was a binding room manager at Taylor Bloxham in Leicester, prior to setting up Wigston-based Tudor Bookbinding in 1992.

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