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New year predictions: Graham Congreve, Evolution Print

Partnerships and positivity are the name of the game in 2014 for Evolution Print director Graham Congreve.

New year predictions: Nick Green,

Nick Green, managing director of, calls for more positivity in the industry next year.

New year predictions: Miles Linney, Linney Group

Linney Group managing director Miles Linney is pleased he cracked his own underwater challenge this year and has high hopes for Ipex..and the World the year ahead.

New year predictions: Kathy Woodward, BPIF

BPIF chief executive Kathy Woodward says 2014 must be a time for printers to promote innovation in the industry and work on adding value.

New year predictions: Catherine Burke, BMC

Catherine Burke, managing director of Banner Managed Communication (BMC), is hoping for a lie-in on Christmas Day, but her expectations for 2014, such as the growing impact of customer experience and social media, are more realistic.

New year predictions: Phill Reynolds, Cestrian Imaging

Cestrian Imaging co-founder Phill Reynolds warns that continued "silly pricing" will damage perception of the industry and looks to ongoing improvement in the economy.

New year predictions: Stuart Kellock, Label Apeel

Label Apeel managing director Stuart Kellock may hanker after the good old days of print apprenticeships, but as his New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to people then you can’t accuse him of being a grumpy old man.

New year predictions: Trevor Crawford, Ipex 2014

Rather unsurprisingly Ipex 2014 figures pretty highly in event director Trevor Crawford’s list of print opportunities for next year, although even he admits that there will be life after Ipex, the question is will his family recognise him by then?

New year predictions: Jon Tolley, Prime Group

As managing director of PrintWeek’s SME of the Year, 2013 was a year to remember for Prime Group’s Jon Tolley. Although if he doesn’t get his mother-in-law’s calendar printed by Christmas it could well be his last.

New year predictions: Peter Jolly, Duplo UK

Duplo UK managing director Peter Jolly doesn’t want much for Christmas, well, it’s not much assuming that chancellor George Osborne has finally found his magic economy fixing wand anyway.

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