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New Year predictions - Heidelberg UK's Gerard Heanue

Gerard Heanue, managing director, Heidelberg UK

New Year predictions - BPIF's Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, public affairs adviser, BPIF

New Year predictions - Easibind's Harry Skidmore

Harry Skidmore, chief executive, Easibind

New Year predictions - Fujifilm's Keith Dalton

Keith Dalton, managing director, Fujifilm UK

New Year predictions - Kodak's Chris Payne

Chris Payne, vice president of business-to-business marketing, Eastman Kodak

New Year predictions - KBA (UK)'s Christian Knapp

Christian Knapp, managing director, KBA (UK)

New Year predictions - EFI's Marc Olin

Marc Olin, senior vice president and general manager, EFI

New Year predictions - Agfa Graphics' Ralph Hilsdon

Ralph Hilsdon, head of product marketing, Agfa graphics

New Year predictions - Global Graphics' Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey, chief technology officer, Global Graphics - developer of the Harlequin RIP

"Books for education make perfect sense," says MM Kohli of The Printers House

Automating the plant was just the first of several steps The Printers House (TPH) took to keep up with the increasing demand for web presses. MM Kohli, managing director of TPH tells Rahul Kumar

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