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Q&A: Lorenzo Fardella, financial director, First 4 Print Finishing

Lorenzo Fardella, financial director at First 4 Print Finishing, is married with two children. His favourite place is his grandfather's front porch in Italy and his ambition is to own a farm, but he now also dreams of Swiss stitching lines after a friend tempted him into print. As far as we know, they're still mates...

Q&A: Richard Gregory, director, Evolve

Richard Gregory, managing Director at Evolve Complete Print Solutions, has worked in print for 23 years. He is married with two children and likes painting and tending to his vegetable patch - all pretty respectable for a man who was once sent home from school for sporting a punk rock hairstyle.

Q&A: Clare Davidson, business development director, Direct Link

Clare Davidson is business develop-ment director at marketing firm Direct Link. She has worked in print-related roles for almost 20 years and has two daughters, for whom she claims to be a "permanent taxi service". Her dream bit of kit, an Aston Martin, would probably help in that department.

Q&A: Steve Johnston, managing director, Paper Innovation

Steve Johnston, managing director of Paper Innovation, has worked in print for more than 20 years. He is an avid fan of Preston North End FC and would love to see them play in the Champions League final - but he wouldn't mind missing the game if he was marooned on an island with Cheryl Cole. Strange, that.

Q&A: Sam Heaton, managing director,

Sam Heaton has been working in e-commerce for 10 years. He has two dogs, a fiance and is a big fan of watersports, although we wouldn't recommend turning up to watch him in action given his history of wearing revealing swimwear...

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