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L'Oreal, Marico, R-Pac and Unilever go green with packaging

During the third Indo-German Packaging Conference, PrintWeek India hosted a discussion with brands like L'Oreal, Marico, R-Pac and Unilever. The subject was: the protocol for packaging sustainability.

German giant's tryst with Ricoh

Klaus Nielsen, managing director of Heidelberg India in a candid interview says economic benefit may encourage printers to choose digital device alongside a legacy offset system

"An idea whose time has come," says Hitesh Jobalia of Max Flex & Imaging Systems

Chairman and MD of Max Flex & Imaging Systems Hitesh Jobalia tells Noel D'cunha about infusion of funds in Max and how essential business strategies can raise a company's profile to an upscale brand

Exhibitors at Pamex speak about print

Rajeev Tiwari, Canon India; Deepak Chawla, TechNova; Bhargav Mistry, Grafica Flextroica; C N Ashok, Autoprint; Neeraj Dargan, Galaxy Propac and Sangam Khanna, Insight Print Communications

Print is expanding canvas, say Pankaj Kalra, P Sajith and Vishnu Kamat

PrintWeek India speaks to a cross-section of industry experts at Pamex, and solicits their views on print's outlook.

Print will continue to grow: say Venugopal Menon, Peter Rego and Bhalchandra Nikumb

PrintWeek India speaks to a cross-section of industry experts at Pamex, and solicits their views

Reader Reaction: Will technology change the way print is being produced?

Printer CEOs tell Suhani Singh what's the best thing in processes, production and technology

"I have always succeeded in printing something that was judged to be impossible," says Michel Caza

As he divulges his love for India and screen printing to Shripad Bhat, editor, Grafica News

"Wide-format is growing in India," says Neil Felton of Fespa

On his first visit to India, Fespa's managing director Neil Felton talks to Noel D'cunha about Fespa-SPAI activities in India and the Asian print market with which he is clearly impressed.

Top tips for the conquest of labels: Jeff Feltz, Alan Barretto, Bibiana Rodriguez and Amitabh Luthra

The label industry is one of the fastest growing segment in India. Sachin Shardul spoke to eight stake-holders during the LMAI Conference in Goa in order to know about the next great label idea

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