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"Books for education make perfect sense," says MM Kohli of The Printers House

Automating the plant was just the first of several steps The Printers House (TPH) took to keep up with the increasing demand for web presses. MM Kohli, managing director of TPH tells Rahul Kumar

Ipex Exhibitor Speak: Give technology a push: say Avijit Mukherjee, NS Pradeep and Vishnu Kamat

PrintWeek India speaks to a cross-section of industry experts at Ipex, and solicits their views

Insight: Future of Digital - Will digital reign in the printing arena?

The PrintWeek India team picks the brains of 14 manufacturers and dealers of digital print equipment on current trends, technology improvement and costing in the digital print market.

Face to Face with Prof Dr Arved Hubler of Chemnitz University: The march towards nano technology

At a time, when mainstream discussion about packaging technologies chases a stifling path, Kiran Prayagi looks into the future of innovation along with Prof Dr Arved Hubler of Chemnitz University

Prosper is Kodak's iPhone moment

Philip Faraci, the president and chief operating officer at Eastman Kodak talks to Ramu Ramanathan about digital print in the 21st century and his company's investment policies.

Print at Your Doorstep in Thane

Mumbai Mudrak Sangh's (MMS) initiative "At Your Doorstep" was launched in Thane on 3 September 2010. 11 print CEOs from Thane attended the round table meeting which was chaired by Anand Limaye.

Aptara: A leader in cross-media publishing

Dev Ganesan, president and CEO of Aptara, a digital e-book conversion and digital publishing company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, reveals the change occurring in the digital publishing space

Print quality: Each and everytime

Canon India expects to register a turnover of Rs 1,200 crore in 2010 - a 42% growth over 2009. Alok Singh speaks to Kensaku Konishi, president & CEO about the company's plans

The Print Philosopher - Mehul Desai of MOS

Mehul A Desai is a left-handed batsman, who relishes Swedish crime authors. Today MOS is a print antechamber to the world. In a chat with Ramu Ramanathan, he highlights the exhilarating journey of his six-and-half year old press.

Print looks attractive to top advertising agencies

Noel D'cunha speaks to Rajiv Rao, creator of Vodafone ZooZoo campaign and national creative director at Ogilvy & Mather about print matters while approaching creativity and design

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